My name is Cédric Janssens, I’m a Belgian guy.

In my native country, Janssens is a real common name, like Jones or Smith so when I start as photographer, I choose a public name, Paulin Halenria.

This name in an anagram of the name of three people who died too soon : Paul, Henri et Alain.

Now, Paulin Halenria, Ltd is a limited company, registered in England with number 8210289. Our head office is in Dover, Kent.

Paulin Halenria, Ltd

9 Leighton Road
Dover CT16 2LN
United Kingdom

Our contact number in UK

Tel : +44 (0)330 684 6044

Our contact in Belgium

Tel : +32 (0)63 86 00 12

Our contact in France

Tel : +33 (0)9 72 35 79 50

Our contact in  Canada

+1 819 946 6000